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About Us


John Harith Computer was formed during the Y2K era with the aim to streamline and achieve effective IT solutions to offer the corporate community flexible yet innovative solutions that address their needs for full visibility of their business operations. Our solutions are designed with the insight of future needs for expansion and to maximize business returns.


Most database solutions required a mixture of stored items to be treated in a single predefined data format.

Cost of customizing work process and/or system upgrade is high and with limited flexibility.

Difficulties with third parties systems integration


Market Size/Target Market:

John Harith Computer is committed to provide compact value-added services to the Brunei ICT community in the next 2 years and intends to expand to the Asia Pacific region once the development phase is completed and that the products have gone through rigorous test procedures to achieve quality and desirable results.


Business/Revenue Model:

Partnership with contributing business institution and/or technology providers to form a business framework.

 Marketing services through established overseas business network, to rapidly extend our reach into other potential regions

Profit sharing with our partners in the areas of marketing & consultation services, technological licensing and product co-development



Commissioning of a Windows based Y2K compliance Point-of-Sale/Inventory Control Solution to a departmental store in 1997

Proven installation sites on large variance of business sectors

 Winner of BICTA 2004 Award and participated in APICTA 2004

Commissioning of a RFID Meeting Attendance System during The 6th ASEAN TELMIN (2006) meeting in Brunei Darussalam

Jointly conducted The 1st RFID Seminar together with BEDB and AiTi at the Empire Hotel and Country Club in May 2007



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