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25.09.2008 | RFiD Talks by Dr. Anand Mahadevan From Aker Solution.  Talks title “In the Clouds of Wireless Technologies: RFID and beyond” Venue at iCentre Auditorium. Start at 4.45 p.m

25.09.2008 | Breaking fast at iCentre. Time 6.00 p.m Venue @ iCentre Lobby

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20.06.2009 | Brunei ICT firms at CommunicAsia Expo 2009 in Singapore.

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In the Clouds of Wireless Technologies: RFID and beyond

     SET against the backdrop of current and upcoming technologies coming together to catapult the world into revolutionary advancements that were not possible in the past, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and iCentre will be co-hosting a technical talk entitled "In the Clouds of Wireless Technologies: RFID and beyond" on September 25 (Thursday). Dr Anand Mahadevan, the vice president of Global Services and Technology under Aker Solutions, a Norwegian multinational oil and gas corporation, will be presenting foundational concepts such as information generation three, silent commerce, green wave and dynamic-real time information at the incubation centre in Anggerek Desa.

   Dr Anand, who began with a career in the oil and gas sector with oil giants Shell in 2000, spent a two-year stint with NASA in the United States, serving as a managing consultant for operational technologies such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) and global positioning systems (GPS), as well as the overall supply chain strategy.

    Core technologies such as RFID, GPS, intelligent agents and sensor networks will be discussed in detail during the talk. Upcoming and futuristic complementary key technological concepts such as cloud computing, virtualisation and nano-technology will also be introduced.

   The cumulative revolutionary and transformation effects and changes that these technologies are bringing and will bring to governments, businesses and our everyday lives will be touched on, so interested parties can prepare and brace themselves for these inevitable changes that are already at our shores.

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